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Do you read many blogs? Occasionally? Regularly? If not at all, please give it a try -- they often present lots of interesting food for thought.

I'm in the process of migrating this blog to the WordPress platform, and I anticipate a noticeable improvement. Up to now, I've created my blog on Blogger, and if I can get WordPress whipped into shape quickly, this will be my last post on Blogger and my first on WordPress.

What does this mean? First of all, nothing changes as far as you're concerned. My blog remains at the same address.

Why am I changing? Because using WordPress seems more attractive. I've been told many times that Blogger is like "training wheels" -- very easy to begin and use -- while WordPress offers more features and significant benefits. We shall see.

Maybe you and I are in the same boat here, working to market our services. I'm make a living as a musician, and I blog to help me manage my jazz band. For nearly two years my blog has commented on how I help people enjoy their weddings and parties. Lots of examples, lots of pictures. I receive a small number of posted comments, but a large number of phone calls and emails from colleagues and potential clients.

Like my colleagues, I'm far from a full-time professional blogger, and I'm always reading and talking, aiming to improve my skills at the best blogging practices.

If you're a blogger, too, please ask yourself: What are we all doing here? Simply this: laying the foundation for building relationships. Presenting ourselves as people with ideas and talents honed by experience. Offering our services based on who we are and the skills we bring our clients, rather than on a catalog of commodities they can pull off a shelf.

Not at all like Walter Cronkeit, who aimed at presenting the day's news as just the facts, "and that's the way it is", without his own personal viewpoint. Like it or not, we bloggers are lots more like commentators Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher, or David Letterman. We're like an opinionated movie critic or music critic, whose reviews are useful especially because they approach their work from a distinct perspective. It's because they have that particular "take" on things, and we know where they're coming from, that their opinions can be useful to us.

Similarly, our blogs are saying that it's our own personal "touch" in our work that makes what we bring our clients so special, valuable, and wonderful. So we create our blogs to reflect our own unique approach and style, and the more creative abilities we possess as bloggers, the better we can craft our presentations. So I'm hoping WordPress will expand my arsenal of blogging tools. Please tell me how I'm doing.

In the meantime, the Magnolia Jazz Band continues to keep busy. Nearly every day, we entertain at memorable celebrations ranging from large, elegant wedding receptions and banquets to small, casual garden parties and picnics, and I'm always on the lookout for more opportunities. Today I'm talking with people hosting parties for Labor Day and Halloween. If you'll have a soiree on one of these days, or on any day in between, now's a good time to arrange the details, including the music.

Have a question? We'll have the answer. Call us at 408-245-9120. We're easy to work with, so let our experience help your next celebration. Please visit MagnoliaJazz.com for our schedule, and catch us at a public event soon. We're playing on Wed, August 26, at a pre-holiday party showcase at the Crowne Plaza Cabana, Palo Alto, and I hope to see you there. (Call 650-628-0138 to RSVP).

Please take a moment to find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Please visit our Facebook Page, register as a "fan", and you'll receive a quick email reminder before each of our public appearances.

Thanks for reading my blog. Please send me a comment (below), and I'll reply promptly.

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