Networking with Facebook, LinkedIn, & Plaxo

March 6, 2008

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But first, I'm always seeking tools for working better, and I found some
you might like, too. Look at some of the new internet networking programs:
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plaxo.

They keep us in touch and help us discover new opportunities. Other social
programs seem best suited for online dating or giggly pre-teen gossip, but
these three seem ideal for "taking care of business". Each new link expands
our circle of contacts, so more of us can work together.

Give one a try. It won't replace a face-to-face conversation, letter, phone call,
fax, or email. But it will add to how you share information, ask questions,
and get answers. It'll help by letting you contact "friends of your friends".

Each of us contacts lots of people all the time. Online networking could be a
great way to be more efficient and effective.

Today I'm talking with people planning parties for Easter, St Patrick's Day, and
Mother's Day. If you're having a party on one of these days, or on any day in
between, now's a good time to plan the details, including the music.

Call us. We're veteran party-goers, easy to work with, and we know what it'll
take to make your party perfect. We've entertained since 1975, so let our
experience help your next celebration.